Fee-Only Investments & Financial Planning

Our Certified Financial Planners build investment portfolios
that serve your life goals

Services : Investment Philosophy

Prudent investing requires discipline and the ability to ignore the din of the financial media. We provide you with a highly diversified, low-expense portfolio of investments. To assure that our interests are aligned, our personal portfolios contain the same investments as those of our clients’.

The Process

We choose a portfolio based on your needs and goals, not based on what the market is doing at the moment. Together we determine your goals and needs, and consider your risk tolerance and situation, then choose a mix of equities and fixed income that is appropriate for you. We discuss the investments with you so that you understand what you are investing in and why. We diversify the investments so that you own a part of thousands of companies around the world. We monitor your portfolio regularly, rebalance it to maximize returns, and manage your portfolio with tax efficiency in mind.

How we build your portfolio

  • We design the portfolio for your specific financial circumstances. We take only enough risk needed to meet your goals.
  • We invest time in educating you so that you understand what you are investing in and why.
  • We invest for the long term. Generally long-term means at least ten years and preferably longer.
  • We don’t try to predict the future, and we believe that it’s impossible to consistently predict how markets will behave.
  • We don’t time the market. Your portfolio changes when your needs change.
  • Low-cost investing: For the foundation of your portfolios, we use funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors that have costs much lower than average. High fees tend to drag down your returns.
  • We understand that market ups and downs can trigger strong emotions in investors. We cultivate the discipline of following a strategy so that the emotion can be taken out of decision-making.