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Services : Financial Planning

We do much of our financial planning with you right here in our office. By working interactively, our clients have a better understanding of what it takes to make their plans work, and they grasp what their next steps are. We discuss many areas of your life so that we understand the goals that are most important to you. We provide guidance and expertise in the following areas:
  • Retirement - Explore what you want your retired life to look like and chart a path to get there.
  • Tax Planning - Minimize taxes by strategically planning your finances, e.g. tax-loss harvesting, deductions, Roth conversions, self-employment retirement plans, etc.
  • College Planning - Understand education goals for your children, how to pay for them and still stay on course for maintaining your lifestyle and saving for retirement.
  • Risk Management - Building assets and managing risk to those assets are equally important aspects. We review your insurance situation to highlight areas of need and potential exposure. We do not sell insurance; instead, we refer you to a trusted panel of professionals who can provide sound insurance solutions based on your needs.
  • Stock Options - We will advise you on stock options, RSUs and ESPP shares. When to exercise, how much to exercise, the tax implications, and what to do with the proceeds. We enjoy working on this complex topic.
  • Employee Benefits - We work with you to understand your employee benefits and maximize their value. These have the potential to add to your assets and quality of life.
  • Estate Planning - All of us wish for our loved ones to live well when we are no longer around. Planning for your assets to transfer smoothly and efficiently is a gift you give to those you leave behind. We objectively review your estate planning needs and then refer you to estate planning attorneys who design innovative and relevant solutions.
  • Charitable Giving - Many of our clients share part of their wealth with the community. We support their generosity and help them gift in the most tax-efficient manner possible under current tax rules.
  • Cash Flow - Where does all your money go? Do you really know? Are you spending it on what really matters to you?
  • Investments - See our Investment Management page for a description of portfolios and implementation.